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Commell LV-670 Pentium4 mini-ATX motherboard

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Neo Demi

Oct 30, 2002
got a few questions

wondering if the board will run with a p4 1.7 ghz chip, and will it allow me any overclocking options?

also, anyone who has had experience with the board, what like is it for gaming, ie is the onboard graphics good or pants? how big will it go, because i have seen machines that wil give 8mb max, and others thatll take 64mb away from the systems ram for the graphics.

also, will it run a cd writer a harddisc and perhaps a graphics card like a geforce/old radeon maxxed out ram[512mb] and the above chip from a 200 watt flex atx or is it more demanding

ALSO does the tv out work just by plugging the board into a tv, or does that need to be enabled before use.

anyone know how well the board would run on windows 98?

and finally, if the onboard graphics aint to hot, will the board work with a pci graphcs card w/tvout?

big post on a small board.
i fancied the via epia boards as a portable rig, but found a list of benchies for them, which didnt look to good, so might as well pay a lil extra for the small p4. then i seen this board @ http://www.ultim8pc.co.uk/index.asp?section=products&idd=3
and thought it could be much better.

any information greatly appreciated