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Comment on this card cooler?

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New Member
Mar 24, 2002
Watford, England
Hey there!!

I'm thinking of buying a GlobalWin caf12 videocard cooler, which is basically a 63.5cfm 120mm fan which sits at right angles to the AGP/PCI slots. Is this a good option of cooling?

I have a creative gf3 ti500@260/572. I decided to use 2 old 60mm fans, one above and one below the card (attached to bent out PCI slot covers!!) to blow directly onto the gpu, and was able to get to 265/587.

Are these fans, although looking tacky, good enough? ie. will the globalwin caf12 be as good, if not better, or worse? Is air blown across a card worse than directly onto it? Will the caf12 improve/decrease case air circulation?

Answers please!!! Iknow there are a lot of q's but i'm newbie-ish

Thanks People


Welcome to the forums!

More air is good, especially if it comes from outside the case. What kind of heatsinks do you have on the card/memory? Any thermal paste on that?
Hey there

At the mo, I have just left the stock fan and mem sinks on the ti500, not really sure if i wanna mess with it yet (I know i WILL sooner or later!). Also, on my athlon xp1800, i have a globalwin cakII 38 (solid copper heatsink & delta fan on top)

I dont really want to mod much, but maximise what i have without cutting big holes in my case. I've tidied all cables so there are no obstructions, and should be getting an 80mm fan for the front soon.

Back on track though, will the caf12 actually cool my card more, and hence help o/cing, or will it just act to cool the case temp?

Cheers anyway!!

If it just blows case air across the card, yes, it will help cool it, but not as much as it would if it pulled the cooler air from outside the case and blew that across the card. As long as the card is hotter than the air in the case(it will always be), having a lot of air circulating over the card will help to drop the temps. A front fan will help reduce the average temp in the case, and will thus improve the caf12 as well. Get your case temp as close to your room temp as possible for the most effect out of the fan on you cak38 and the caf12.

Cheers for that. I have just got my sunon 80mm fan for the front and am waiting for the caf12 to come through. I might get a higher cfm front fan though (delta maybe?). We'll see how the temps are first, after some tests. Cheers matey