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Common problems?

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Jun 20, 2002
Quebec, Canada
Folks, I'm asking for your assistance, but not in the usual way. I have no questions that I need answered right now, what I need is questions.:eek:

Ok, here's the story. I have clients that have been asking me to give a beginner's computer course. I've started to compile a list of topics that I will be covering, and asking the people who want the course what they want to learn about regarding computers, but I'd also like to get a list of questions that you folks get asked all the time.

I intend to start offering courses early in the new year, and will release my lesson plans weekly on my website. (the address will eventually get posted here)

I thanks you all for your help.
- How to use the "Add/Remove programs", and not to just delete the folder containing the program.
- How to properly install drivers.

I'll have some more for you later this week. I'm not trouble shooting anything right now, so it's hard to come up with them unless something aclient has done is sitting in front of me.
How to maintain a system in peak performance (how to get a little more out of what you already have) / what’s what under the hood and how each part of a system works with the other ect.
Where is the "any" key?


Had to do it, man!
Seriously- going over the windows conventions is a BOON for those who are new to computers, and quite a few of those conventions hold true in many Linux guis as well.
start from the bootup to basic window operation, it maybe funny but the most common question i have seen being asked is "my computer is not starting" Ans: Coz its not plugged in the power socket you dumdum :D

Few of the common things i would cover (keeping in mind that my target audience / client is totally computer illeterate) would be

Computer not booting up
Display not coming
What does BEEPS means (when booting)
Let the scan disk run (i have found many people skipping it)
Basic DOS commands (dir,cd,edit,attrib etc)
Mouse .. how to operate
Browsing the computer
Connecting To Internet (both modem and dsl/cable etc)
Thanks a lot. Keep the ideas coming! I'm starting to get a list built up, but the more ideas I get, the better. Also, once I give the first course, I'll be able to ask the people what they want me to discuss as well.

One thing I need to do is talk to a few begginer level end users and see what they are interested in learning (where's my mother...?)
The basics are (once you have it running):D

Sending emails--------surfing the internet (safely)--------maintaining the PC (scandisk etc)----------running the [edit]SETI or Folding[/edit] command line client at all times---------installing games/applications correctly (and de-installing)-----------basics of CD-Burning----------importance of virus scanning

How do I know this? I taught my wife.........;)

ok........maybe power corrupts a little. =P

Shadow ÒÓ

ROFL! - I'll even it up though....no in-fighting here:)

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what is spyware and how do I prevent it?

what's the difference in memory and hard drive?

can't I just put a new processor in my AT system and run a P4?

what's an idea amount of memory?

when I delete a program, it's not really deleted? (left over files-n-stuff)

why do I need to reboot my system?

is it better to leave my system on, or shut it off when not in use? (of course convince them to run Folding@home at this point and leave it on) :cool:
How to maintain there computer physically (get a can of air every once in a while,) so that when you have to go over and put a new graphics card in you can see what you are doing :)
How to create a boot disk
How do run windows update
u prolly need to teach them how and then do some sort of hands on thing and help them do what they can't. That would prolyl be the easiest way