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Compaq won't recognize new HDD

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Jan 21, 2002
Hello, my Compaq said that a HDD failure was imminent, so I upgraded this computer's HDD and put this computers old HDD into the old Compaq. The problem is, the computer will post, but it won't load Windows. All that I get is a stupid flashing _. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.
i do hope they dont have some sort of propriatary device or something that allows for only the same or same kind/make of drive to be used.. that would be just sad.
Did you reformat the harddrive and reinstall windoze?

There's alot of stuf windoze setsup for in the background that will only work on the origional computer, so you need to format and reinstall the OS while it's in it's new home. Often a drive won't work in a different computer just because windoze can't recognize the hardware in it (with your other computer's drivers installed).

Also, while it's booting, does it specifically mention the type/size of it's new harddrive?
If not, it may be too large depending on how old the compaq is. In this case, you would have to partition the drive using a windoze boot disk, into smaller chunks that the old computer can recognize and work with.

Let us know how it turns out for ya, bud.
how old is your computer?

a while back compaq and other prebuilt brands liked to use cable select as opposed to master/slave setup.
My first thought is what Tim said. Most of the majors that I've been inside use cable select on their drives instead of master/slave. If you don't set the hard drive to CS, the motherboard and BIOS won't find it when you try to boot.

you gotta format and reinstall windows on the new drive for best results....hope you like that new 80gb special edition you got for your pc its nice :)