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Compatibility with a pump and a koolance reservoir to pump coupler

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Mar 15, 2014
Daytona Beach, FL
Any Laing D5 variant will work.

Yes, any variant of the Laing D5 pump will work. You are no replacing the pump when you change the nozzle. For example; you buy the cheapest pump that comes with the black POM plastic fitting that looks ugly and forces you to use zip ties, or you can buy the on that comes with G 1/4'' threading. I person buy the ones with the POM because it is cheaper, and you will almost always change the pump's top and mounting. withe the stock on you have only 2 ways of connecting the pump to he look, with a pump top you can add a cylinder right on top of the pump.

BASIC ANSWER: YES; any variant of the Laing D5 pump will work; I prefer the Swiftech MCP655 Series - BARE. 2nd would XSPC. the Swiftech is the best because they are the actual current copyright owners of the Laing D5 pump. All other brands just buy from them and then add their sticker. That is why Swftech will have the cheapest pumps.

What was your plan with that PumpTop/Nozzles Are you adding a Cylinder on top?
Also what kind of tubing are you running? Soft tubing (Which ruins your loop over time) or Hard line (The prefer'd method; looks cleaner and can a lot more in the same amount of space)?

Here is a picture of my lastest version of my system. Any remarks or criticism would be greatly be appreciated.

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Jan 12, 2016
hey man! Thanks for answering. Your system looks great. I'm going with soft tubing right now because I seriously doubt I could work with hard tubing. After all, my build is my first WC attempt. I'm thinking of switching my bay res to a tube because it looks so much nicer. what I was planning to do is mount the chrome mount on the RP 450 to my Nzxt switch 810. there are 2 holes which look like they would work, and I'm planning to upgrade next year to Haswell from Ivy. Here is my build and the two holes I was talking about.
Build : http://imgur.com/a/m9v9M
Holes : http://imgur.com/Vol2zbr
Sorry theres a typo in the image, its too instead of two I know haha
My Specs are:
I5 3570k @ 4.0 GHZ
GTX 980 @ 1527 BOOST CLOCK

My Watercooling Parts are:
3x Swifttech Helix 140mm fans
2x Swifttech Helix 120mm fans
Xspc Raystorm Cpu Waterblock Intel
Xspc razor waterblock for gtx 980,ti,titan x
10x xspc black sparkle compression fittings
Monsoon Series Two D5 Premium Dual 5.25" Reservoir - Blue
Mayhems Clear Tubing
Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 420mm
Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 Full Copper 240mm
Alphacool VPP655 Single Edition (I believe this is just a rebranded D5 pump, but I got it on sale from 80 Dollars to 65.