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Compgeeks -- nice silver case w psu $28

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Inactive Moderator
Jan 4, 2001
Northern VA

Decent case for the price, comes with a window, led case fan, and a 400w psu. The case is listed as Powmax, so I'd like to say the PSU is a powmax, but in my experience cheap cases with PSU's have anything that was lying around as PSU's :)

Still, never hurts to have a generic ATX psu lying around...even a generic 400w will power an older system just fine!

Anyway, looks like I nice case.

I must've not shopped at compgeeks for a while, b/c I don't recall being a registered shopper. And you can't find shipping until you register, and my wallet is not with me right now.

Anyway care to let me know what the shipping is for that case?

(just basic shipping)

EDIT: The PSU is a Powmax unit: http://www.powmax.com/8800D.htm


Sep 3, 2002
Seattle, WA USA
People interested in this case should note:

NOTE on Power Supply: Equipped with ATX 12V connector for Pentium 4 systems. Power Supply also has adequate power ratings for AMD Athlon and Duron systems. Power Supply does not have ventilation holes on its bottom as AMD recommends, but the case fan mounted underneath the power supply should ensure enough airflow to cool the processor (along with a proper heatsink/cooling fan on the processor.)

Case box may state that this case 100% compatible w/ Pentium 4 systems, however. the power supply lacks the ATX Aux Power Connector (AKA Extended ATX - 6-pin straight) required by some older P4 motherboards. It does have the ATX 12V. Connector (4-pin square)