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Complete noob needs help!

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May 10, 2008
Nottingham, England / Florida, USA
Hi guys,

I've recently decided to re-build my PC after my graphics card gave up on me and as its 3 years old its pretty out-dated. So far my list consists of the following (most of which I have already bought so changes can't be made):-

Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe Motherboard (bought)
AMD ATHLON 64 X2 3800 CPU (bought
Buffalo 512Mb PC3200 400Mhz (reused from old setup)

The only 2 things I haven't decided on yet are the graphics card and the CPU heatsink. My budget is £50/$100 for the graphics card and £40/$80 for the heatsink, what do you recomend? I've been looking at a XPERTVISION NVIDIA 8600GT 1GB and Zalman CNPS9700NT.

Edit. And just one quick question, what are the advantages of a 1Gb card over a 512Mb card?, one has lager memory while the other has a faster GPU speed.
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So how can we help? Do you have anything specific in your mind? How much are you planing to spend? Oh also :welcome:
I think you should also go for at least 1gb of RAM or 2 if you can though modern games need at least that amount. I almost forgot to mention that if you want to save some money from the cooler for the graphics it would be better, a low range cooler can handle that processor with ease.
I'm getting a big discount on the CPU because it dosn't come with a heatsink (which I would have replaced anyway), hence my need for one. I've just read a review on the COOLERMASTER HYPER TX2 and it got really good results so I'm going with this one, plus its only £18/$36.

As for the graphics card the EVGA 8800GT is way out of my price range, £130/$260 being the best price in the UK. Is the XFX 8600GT a good compromise as its half the price at £52/$104?
I've already bought the XFX 8600GT now, I would have bought one of the others but my budget is extremely tight as I'm going to sunny Florida in a few weeks. If it lasts me a few months then I'll be happy and it gives me chance to save up and get something better, it's just I needed something to get me by.
9600GT just about doubles the 8600GT performance for about $125 AMIR, 8600GT is decent just don't bother with DX10 or high resolutions.
Yeah the 8600GT is a puddle of pish Especialy at £78, its not far of the 8500GT, i would just wait and get more cash for what youve got, your going to get stuff that aint worth it, A 9600GT is only £130 and a new CPU cooler can range from standard £5 to £15 or if you want one with copper heat pipes £15 to £30, i think the Palit 9600GT is only £118 and has a bad *** fan on it similar to the Blue Orb CPU cooler and it runs very cool at 32° Idle and 43° On full load, Crysis

Thats all i can help with :)