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Completely lost OCing 4790K

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Aug 20, 2016
Hello I am relatively new to overclock and I tried pushing my i7-4790K to 4,7Ghz and I got it working first at 1,3V Vcore with fast stress test (Intel Extreme Tuning Utility).
Then I reduced Vcore to 1,26 and was still working with intel stress test but not at all with prime95 so I reverted to stock.
With stock setting I got 4,4Ghz and ~1,27 Vcore, and 84°C on every core with prime95 (Smalls FFT s and 8 Threads on torture test) so this is very frustrating when reading you can get 4,8Ghz on this chip and I have already max temps on stock :/
My motherboard (Asus VII Ranger) got an automatic OC which I tried (4,6Ghz / 1,327 Vcore) and working fine through games, maybe a bit hot in summer (70°C max temp on core package, that's why I wanted to overclock myself and step down the Vcore), but trying prime95 again with the automatic OC got me 100°C on all core this time.

What should i do ? You are always suggesting using prime95 so ignoring the results would be a bad idea I guess
My CPU Cooler is an H100i V2 with 2x noctua industrial 3000RPM fans (I get 30°C on idle with motherboard OC, 65~70°C max through gaming)
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What cooler are you using? It looks like your cooling is the issue here.
Hi it is an H100i v2, how could it be the cooler's fault ? I played an overwatch game before and got 59°C on highest temperature for CPU, 30°C idle
Hi it is an H100i v2, how could it be the cooler's fault ? I played an overwatch game before and got 59°C on highest temperature for CPU, 30°C idle

Try seeing if the cooler is seated correctly.
Also P95's Small FFTs test is heating your CPU to the max, More than any game will probably heat it.
Sorry I posted before I saw your update about the cooler. How are the pump and fans being controlled? Are they running full bore during the stress test or do you have them throttled down.

I would set your system at 44x and 1.25vcore and see what you get for temps. If your temps are good start raising the multiplier by 1x until the system is unstable or hits 80c on temp. It the system has thermal headroom but it's unstable add 0.01v vcore and test again. If still unstable continue adding 0.01v vcore until it is stable. Continuing upping the multiplier and vcore in this manner until you run out of thermal headroom or hit 1.3 vcore.
The pump is set to maximum speed and fans maximum speed through stress tests

I tried 44x and 1,25 Vcore but again the second I press start on prime95, the 4 cores goes from 35~40° to 85°C, there isn't even intermediates temperatures, and when I stop prime95 it goes back instantly to 40°C or less (prime95 on small FFTs, 8 core torture)
I have difficulties believing it could be cooler in fault as the cpu takes no time to cool down from 85°C on all core
Using blend in prime95 i got 60°C with 44x and 1,25 Vcore, is it ok or too much ?
EDIT : ok so I read about other forums of people getting same problem as me and seems like I was using a too much updated prime95, I downloaded 26.6 and get 67°C on FFTs witch 44x and 1,25 Vcore, so I can go overclock more I guess !
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So I achieved an OC of 47x and 1,28 Vcore (one hour on prime 95 at 74°C), I don't think I won the silicon lottery but still better than the automatic OC of the motherboard ! I also put the adaptative mode and it's working in cinebench. Thank you guys for the help really appreciate !
For a daily OC at that voltage you did not do to shabby. Honestly pushing it further will not really net you much noticeable gain in daily usage.