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compustein!!-first pc build!

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New Member
Nov 5, 2012
Sydney, Australia
I am, for the very first time ever!!- thinking about building a pc.
I've done some research and so far have just mixed and matched random bits...I've come here for some confirmation/corrections...THEN!- compustein shall live!!! :muahaha:

I basically need a computer for research (for now), I will be
~downloading a ridiculous amount of relatively small articles
~using a silly number of firefox windows/tabs
~stream/download HD movies
~running programs simultaneously for hours on end (firefox, endnote, excel,
word, skype..)
~using wireless internet (I have no access to a cable)
~MAYBE play portal but very rarely

My budget is $600 (AUD) on hardware.
I already have the mouse, keyboard, speakers and monitor. I think I have a tower and psu here somewhere too!

I'm from Sydney, Australia and will be buying everything locally. I've staticice'd the parts and will post the links.

~No overclocking required
~doesn't need to be small, but not so big that I can sit on it!!
~The less noisy the better, most of my writing is done at night
~I'd like this to last for a bit, however, I don't mind adding things to it later
on (i.e graphics card).
~no SLI or crossfireX tech needed.
~The most important thing is that it is fast, and reliable. I can't lose info and
be surprised by 'blue screen of death'.

Parts I've found:
CPU- Intel i7 3770 $296 http://www.megaware.com.au/#/action=getPage&action=getPage&main_page=product_info&products_id=216109

motherboard- Asrock h77 $79.99 http://www.mwave.com.au/product/sku-aa34505-asrock_h77m_motherboard

HDD- seagate 1tb barracuda SATA3 3.5" $74 http://www.iibuy.com.au/seagate-st1...uda-internal-hard-drive-hdd-promo_p13010.html

RAM- G Skill 8GB DDR3 dual channel $43 http://www.ddcomputer.com.au/prod-G..._Dual_Channel_Ripjaws_F3-10666CL9D-8GBRL.html

SSD- OCZ Agility3 120GB SATA3 2.5" $85 http://www.msy.com.au/product.jsp?productId=9330

Wireless-TP-LINK TL-WN781N PCI-E 150M Wireless-N network card $13 http://www.msy.com.au/product.jsp?productId=4250

any suggestions on psu and towers are welcome too! :)

Thanking you all kindly!


Oct 8, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
Dont forget to add in the CD/DVD drive and a OS to your list also. as for a you build i'd say that for what you posted you will be using your rig for, i would make a few changes. i would maybe go with a i5 maybe even drop the SSD. that is something that could be added in the future and id rather put that money on a GPU. All and all on a PSU i would go with a quality brand, i usually go corsair, and maybe around 650w ish to be able to support SLI and what not in the future. for a tower a mid ATX would suit you fine.


Oct 21, 2012
Phoenix, Az
hmmm... the list of things you're doing won't tax most g620 let alone an i7

I'd change it around a bit. The i7 has a crappy on-board graphics card... and that on-board graphics will be a bottleneck that will be apparent the more visually intensive stuff you're doing. Granted, portals isn't really graphically intense... but then it's not really cpu intense either.

What you're doing is grabbing a top of the line CPU and putting it into a bargain basement machine. Its a waste of money really. I'd back that CPU down quite a bit... later you can improve the cpu, i'd also get a discrete GPU with the savings... or use an APU (as your needs are pretty basic... and a cheap APU will outperform an expensive i7 because it's on-board graphics is much better)

In short...

AMD APU = onboard graphics, light gaming, heavy multitasking and mulch-threading office work PC
Intel CPU = discreate graphics, heavy gaming, single thread mastery, elite PC

Don't get me wrong... an i3 with a cheap discrete graphics card will probably nuke every AMD APU out there for a bit more money. So I'm not pitching AMD for AMD sake. Its just your usage requirements really don't need more than an APU. So, lets build toward your needs, and possible future upgrades down the road.

APU - A10-5800k - $135.00
MB - ASRock FM2A75 Pro4-M - $89.00
RAM - G.Skill 8GB DDR3 - $35.00
SSD - OCZ VTX4 - 128GB - $115.00
HD - Western Digital Caviar Blue 1TB - WD10EZEX - $82.00
Case - BitFenix Outlaw - $59.00
PSU - Silverstone Strider 500W ST50F-ES - $59.00
Total - $564.00

with a few quiet fans i doubt you'll hear this system run at all, it should be plenty strong enough to do what you're asking for, and you can add a discrete graphics card to boost it's performance (there is enough power in the PSU to easily handle a good GPU)... furthermore the FM2 is a brand new socket design and should have some life for later upgrades.

This will never match a high end intel or even a good FX, but then according to your usage needs, you aren't going to need more then this APU can do for you, so why spend the extra cash for what you don't need?