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Computer crashes!

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Sep 3, 2001
During the last couple of days i have been testing my new p4 1.6a at really high fsb ( upwards of 150mhz). I was using the stock cooling with a 112cfm fan + a house fan blowing on it. I kept crashing, many of them blaming my ati drivers (radeon 8500). So I cleared my hardrive and reinstalled XP and drivers. I never got any BSODs. Now even running at 100fsb, my computer will randomly freeze and restart. Sometimes it blames the ati drivers (6052) and sometimes says nothing. Im using an MSI 645 ultra mobo and Corsair pc-3000.

Could i have messes up my video card or mobo or any other hardware? I didnt run the computer too long at the high fsb. Just a few minutes and a few benchmarks.

Plz help.:confused:


Senior Member
Oct 5, 2001
Ottawa, Canada
What's the temperature on that thing at full load? Sounds either like a heat issue or a driver problem. Check the cooling on both GPU and CPU. Make sure the drivers your using is stable.


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Jul 11, 2001
i live
i seriously doubt you hurt the video card with a cpu overclock. I agree with yodums about heat also. You said you were benchmarking- what kind of benches-- cpu, vid? If so were you overclocking the 8500. IF it keeps blaming the radeon then cooling could be an issue, or as yodums also said, make sure that radeon is stable with the drivers, otherwise it will never work right.


With the P4 you should get a throttle down effect rather than a reboot from heat issues. I recommend a minimal component install to cut drivers to a minimum and gradually add sound , modem, etc. as you become confident that you're stable with the latest configuration. That way you should see the conflict right away as you add parts and their drivers. Also be sure your drivers are up to date and match the OS you're running.