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Computer Hiccups

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Jul 12, 2003
Palmdale, CA
Does your computer ever have a hiccup? For example, reboot by itself or do something funny one time, then never do it again? Just curious.


Jun 22, 2002
Beijing, China
Not really... No... I can't really recall anything like that happening... though somtimes I will click on somthing at a weird time when it is in btwn somthing and it will make everything crash...


Aug 10, 2003
I'm glad this never happened again...

Logitech MX combo, wireless mouse and keyboard on different channels...

I lost my keyboard one day, had mouse so I went to looking up the problem...

Mouse decided it wanted to jump channels and replace the keyboard... blah... hit the connect buttons, everything solved right?

Nope, now both devices are on the other channel...

Go through this procedure a few times... nope, they want the same channel as each other. Finally figured out how to stop it though...

I exited my keyboard software (which was running in the system tray). Told the mouse to find home, it did so. I killed the mosue software, started the keyboard software, told the keyboard to find home. It did so, and it was a different channel! Started mouse software, things have been sane ever since...

Still have no clue why they wanted to be on the same channel for no reason.

Right now I have some strange HDD quirks though, might post somewhere else about that becuase it happened more than once... :(

I had my sisters XP install go INSANE on her. I don't know what caused this, but it lost the luna theme it was set on (was stuck on classic) and it was screaming that it needed to be activated 418 days ago yet other than loosing the new fandangled theme, it still ran just fine. By the way, tried to activate it, said it was already activated (which was true, so I don't know why it was so ticked off!) Off to system restore I went, I restored to the day before. After doing that, all was good. That system never had a problem after that. :rolleyes: Some hiccup!


Dec 17, 2001
Houghton MI, MTU, up in the UP eh!
My old computer, (non upgraded one) did crash when playing warcraft III though. no matter what video drivers or what patches I installed on the game. Temps were all ok. I could play CS and DOD for hours then play WCIII for 15min it would crashed. I did run fine on my brothers comuter which is almost an exact CLONE of my computer. Never figured that one out.....


Deep Pain Senior Member
Apr 16, 2001
Ya well this morning I woke up to play some GTA3. Of course I am finally near the end. And it deleted what I had saved! DAMN COMPUTER... oh wait that was my fault.

I have a problem with one PC where it doesnt like to get laoded too much. Windows will freeze for about 5 seconds. Its annoying. I think its a motherboard problem. Possibly using a IDE card will solve the problem since adding more RAM didnt help but changing hard drives and OSes helped.


Aug 15, 2001
Toronto,Canada(I can see you....)
Yeh, when I first put my system together I got 70+ temps(Heatsink on backwards) with my Athlon caused the Autoshut down to shut it down... in the middle of a CAL CS Match. Amazed that it got 5 rounds in.

My screen crazy and the system froze in a middle of another Match. Cause was a botched Soft Quardro EXR.