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Computer in Fridge and heat bucker

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New Member
Mar 15, 2002
I just dropped by to try and find a solution to a water-cooling problem and saw a few posts on using a refrigerator for cooling.

I was the first to do this (system inside mini-fridge) and post the proof on the web. That project (Project Kool) was a long time ago (5yrs+) but did expose some of the problems. The failure to address some of those problems is what tipped me off that PC Rivals were to be taken with a grain of salt.

If your considering this I would suggest looking at using the fridge to just cool the water for the CPU. If your cooling the Chipset, Video, and HDDs then forget about a mini-fridge, think multiple mini-fridges, full size fridge, or freezer. A mini-fridge could barely keep up with the then brand new PII, today’s silicon toasters are way beyond a little 70w fridge.

Myself I like the idea of Peltiers with water-cooling. I use the peltier to cool the water outside the case so any condensation that might occur isn't a problem. Of course the TEC is insulated and I don't take the water temp below room temp. I do little more than pass the water through a block of copper cooled with TEC, heatsink and fan. I call it a Heat Bucker and/or Cooler Booster. I'm sure someone else is doing that but I haven't found a commercial product yet. Some of you guys selling water blocks might want to consider such a product, seems to be a natural fit with a water cooled system.

Anyways, thanks for the Info, you guys and this site are doing great work. Keep Kool!

Thanks for the info! You guys who post here and/or have articles are doing great work! Given the info out there, on great sites like this, it has never been easier to 'tune for performance'.