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Computer just powers down. No Shutdown sequence.

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New Member
Apr 30, 2003
For some reason my friend's computer "decides" to just power off. You have to reset the power supply in order to get it back on. I replaced the fan on the supply last year with more quiet one for him and it runs just fine even on the hottest days. But now for some reason it just cuts power all of a sudden. It's some generic crap power supply. I'm just asking why this would happen. He's getting a new comp tomorrow.


Nov 29, 2001
my freshy sparkle 400w does the same thing, it's just a short in the wires here. i can push the harness into the psu a little bit and make it happen, otherwise it just happens once in a while. doens't matter what i'm doin, then "click" and i'm lookin at a black screen again. reset the psu and i'm back up. i've only had the psu a couple months, i don't have anything other than a generic 300w to replace it with so i've been reluctant to RMA, better get on it i guess. :s

pause the boot sequence somewhere early and try jiggling the wires around, maybe he has a short as well, and maybe you could find it and fix it.

good luck,


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
Stuff like this can normally be traced to the PSU, RAM, or heat. Seeing as you changed the PSU fan to a quieter(and presumably slower) one, you might have two of the problems at once.