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Computer Modding Part List

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It probably is, but I'm looking for places that sell it in bulk and for cheaper. Finding the parts isn't a problem. Finding them for a reasonable price is.
Btw the pcie connectors i linked come with the pins, so they r pretty cheap, even if not in bulk, concidering the price of the pins themselves


O, they do sell them in bulk also.
Btw the pcie connectors i linked come with the pins, so they r pretty cheap, even if not in bulk, concidering the price of the pins themselves


O, they do sell them in bulk also.
The price is ok. ATX pins are $0.04 each on Mouser, which leaves $0.68 for the plastic connector.
The links you have posted on the first page for the molex pins are 17c each for male and 18c for female. Maybe im reading the pricing wrong some how?


My bad im a nub, i thought they used molex as you can see, but now i see where i was wrong, my bad.

Edit 2:

Any chance you could help me find male atx pins? Im going to need to make an adapter to do dual psu, and i was just gonna clone the lian-li one, which would require a male pin...
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I probably won't be able to look today, as I have quite a few things I need to do, but I should be able to find them eventually, yes. You may have to periodically remind me, though.
I no longer need the male atx pins, but I was wondering how many sata pins you need per sata connector, bcuz it looks like you need multiple and my psu cables have 5 or 6 cables connected to the sata connectors. Don't remember exactly how many and I'm at work atm. And also what is the recommended gauge for sata power? 20-22 awg?
SATA has "15 pins", but each pin has three pins. So, you need five pins for a full connector. If you don't do the 3.3v pin, you need four. 20-22 AWG is fine depending on how many amps you are running through them.
Should I just stick to the 18awg I'm using for the rest to b safe? Idk how many amps my psu will throw thru the cables
Your power supply doesn't push power through the cables. The devices draw them. If you are just running a few hard drives, 20-22 AWG is more than enough.
I just added three more parts to the list.

USB - These pins don't work with the connectors I have on hand, but they do work with the connectors I purchased. I've verified that they work on a board.





"Stock" USB/1394 pin

I also got a 6-pin PCIe power connector.

SATA Molex power punchdown connector:
Molex #: 67926-0015
Mouser #: 538-67926-0015

Use these with the feed-to-cover or feed through covers:

Feed-to-cover: Molex #: 67926-0040 Mouser # 538-67926-0040

Feed through cover: Molex #: 67926-0041 Mouse #: 538-67926-0041

Datasheet says 5 circuits and uses 18AWG wire.
Can anyone link me the part number or url for a 4pin right angle molex KK connector with the friction lock like a 3 pin. Basically the part used on motherboards for connecting pwm fans, but right angle versions.

I can find these no problem:

But the locking tab is 4 pins rather than 3 which is what pc fans use. Like this:

I need that but with right angle pins like this:

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