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computer restarting...?

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Aug 11, 2002
i just want to ask why my computer keeps restarting... i don't think it's the blaster worm, because usually, with the blaster worm, i get that "windows is restarting" countdown right after i connect to the Internet (i use dial-up)... but now, my restarts happens when i'm not using the computer... i know the compter restarts because i will leave the computer on the desktop and when i come back, it's at the log on screen... two nights ago, i woke up 2 times cause my computer restarted... i'm not sure if this is some sort of thermal protection of the motherboard, but it has only been happening since last week... and the computer has never done it, even under heavy load (3D gaming)... i'm also thinking that it could be the power supply, because i am using an XC Cube case, and it only has 220W power supply... but if the computer is going to mess up due to power supply, i would guess that it will do it under heavy load... i also checked the BIOS setting for any power settings but didn't find any...


Mar 4, 2003
Bad ram can cause the cpu to reset randomly. Mine was doing this and it got progresivly worse until it wouldnt even make it past the bios boot screen before resetting. try swapping the ram and see if it stays stable


Dec 18, 2002
What kind of power supply are you using (i.e. brand?). 220W is kinda low, and if it's generic, than that's even worse. I would definitally look into testing your system with a better power supply if you can borrow one from a friend and see if that helps. I've had problems like you've described with a bad power supply before. I'd also test the RAM if you can (borrow a stick from a friend?) as Disco Stu suggested.
Good luck!


Senior Member overclocking at t
Jun 14, 2004
Though this is not as easy as finding some test RAM like the others suggested.:)
There is a software test for bad RAM. You need a floopy for this to work though. Just unzip the filles to floppy and restart. BTW make sure your BIOS reconizes floppies on startup. I have used this application to test RAM before on similar issue.