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Computer to hot??

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Mar 9, 2002
Hello all,
I am very new to the forum, and to computers and such alltogether! I have recently moved from a p133 packard smell to a built (by friend) athlon 1.4 ghz, on a asus a7a266 board. Anyways I currently am using a heatsink made by ekl, and my temperatures are 55 celcius and 131 F, but ive seen the temperatures rise to 145 F is this to hot? I have a friend who has a vulcan fan 6 cu+, was just curious if this would be a better fan and maybe you all can help me to cool the cpu down a bit. Btw im getting the temp readings off a program called asus probe if that helps.
Thank you in advance!
Welcome to the Forums!!!
Yes..that is too hot...the Volcano6cu+ is not a bad HSF...you may also want to look into a few others like the Millenium Glaciator II
or tha AlphaPAL8045 (thats a great HSF..but its loud!) Swiftech also makes some very good Heat Sinks/Fans...
When you purchase a new HSF, make sure to use a quality Thermal Compound like ARTIC SILVER 3.

[edit: you may want to download Mother Board Monitor 5, it is a software that will read temps, fan speeds, voltages, and CPU speeds...and its free!..you can find it here http://mbm.livewiredev.com/download5.htm ]
145f=62.7c Your close to frying your althon.. 10c more you u may say goodbye.
You need a better heatsink.
Sk6, ThermalRight AX-7, alpha 8045, or the Swiftech MCX-462 heatsinks are what u need.
Those can be found at www.plycon.com www.heatsinkfactory.com .
One of those with actric silver 3 should get your temps around 39-47c which is good enough to keep you from frying.

Jeniva beat me too this thread.. :rolleyes: