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Computer will not boot ?

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Dec 24, 2001
Austin, TX
I was on my system and it just shut off. No reason that I can see. Just cut off while I was copying a CD and now will not start.

I thought it was the powersupply, so I changed it out for another one and put it into another system The other system booted up fine and is running right now. So, it is not the powersupply.

What can cause the system to just not boot at all? Is it the motherboard? I thought the CPU would cause it to bep as would the RAM? SO not thinking it is the CPU or RAM? Just trying to narrow it down so I can fix the problem.
are you getting any beeps when you try to start the system? No beeps at all would tend to mean that your motherboard has died on you- that, or your PC speaker stopped working :D

What does your system do now when you try to turn it on?
Mine did the same thing.
Was just sitting idle as usual and one day I went to wake it up and it wouldn't wake up... tried to reboot and nothing.. it powers up and I can hear it but the floppy suddenly wont come on and I dunno if I heard the HD's spin or not..

It is a ASUS A7A or something close to that. I have a XP 2000 plus on it and 1Gig or RAM.

It does not make any sounds. It will not even kick the PS fan on when I turn it on. Just sits there. The green light on the motherboard is on though, so I think it is getting power. I exchanged the power supply for one in a system I had on too.

It just will not kick on. No POST at all. That is why I was thinking maybe the motherboard is fried some how. I would of thought it woukd go to POST even if RAM or a CPU was bad, it just would beep or stop and tell you?
Completely dis-assemble the system (that includes removing the cpu) and then visually inspect every component. If everything checks out, then put it back together sans every non-essential part : modem, soundcard, CDRW, Lan card, and Floppy. And see if it will post.

Also, before you put it back together, take some electrical tape and insulate all of your standoffs just in case they are shorting some traces.

If it will post, then add the components back 1 at a time. If it will not post, then you have either a bad mobo or your CPU has failed.
Could be the motherboard itself. Even if the green light is on, doesn't mean everything would be function correctly. If at all possible, test the cpu and memory in another computer, and see if it will boot. If it does, then the problem is your motherboard.
With no cpu and no ram and nothing else except the power supply plugged in, it should give off some beeps when it is powered up. If not, the Mobo is bad.
would agree Disciple on the standoff idea, i had this happen to a friend about 2 months ago and it was a standoff shorting out a trace on the motherboard
Did you try resetting the bios yet? That has worked for me when I had similar issues.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't see that resetting the CMOS had already been stated. I take the battery out for a few minutes for good measure as well.
Just a thought......

I just fixed 'TWO' computer that had this same exact thing. When you turned it on, nothing. In both cases the Hard Drive was the problem. I took apart the controller board (on the HD) and they were both shorted out. When i pluged them into the system, it would not boot. When I replaced them or removed them, problem fixed. A bad battery would not cause your problem. You need to unplug everything one component at a time to see what the problem is, try to start it everytime you unplug something(start with any PCI, CD-ROM, HD, AGP then move to the CPU, RAM). A dead system is not always the Motherboard.