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Concerns about whether my PSU is enough

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Mar 19, 2003
Out of the Light
Well, here's where my rig stands right now:

- PC Power and Cooling Silencer 400(400w, but it's a friggin beefy PSU). I had to splice in about 1' of wiring to get the main power cable to reach the mobo connector. It's a big case lol
- 1700+ DLT3C running at 2.3GHz(will try for 2.5) at 1.85v if I have to. ON an Abit NF7-S rev2.0
- 2*512MB Corsair XMS3500 at 2-3-3-7 at 2.8v(2.9 if I have to)
- NB at 1.7v
- AGP at 1.6v and running an overclocked Radeon 9700 Pro

Ok, now here is what i'm running which requires power:

- 2*120mm Panaflo medium speed fans
- 3*80mm Panaflo medium speed fans
- Intel 1000 Pro NIC
- SB Audigy platinum(not using the LiveDrive though)
- Matrix Orbital BLK202-A LCD display
- NewQ Gold DSP unit
- Pioneer DVD-Rom
- Plextor 40x CDRW
- Seagate Barracuda IV 80GB HD
- Swiftech waterpump relay(doubt this uses any power but meh)
- Floppy Drive
- 3 UV Cold Cathodes(two inverters, one single and one dual)

I'm kind of regretting getting the Silencer 400 over the Turbo-cool 510. Just wondering what you guys think?

Mostly i'm concerned about the cold cathodes and whether they eat up alot of power. I've heard no they don't, and i've heard yes they do


Nov 29, 2001
should be fine, if it's not unstable don't worry about it. that's one heck of a psu anyway.

good luck,