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Condensation Prevention & Dielectric Grease

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Big Lar

Senior Member
Dec 16, 2000
I know some of you guys use Dielectric Grease, My Question is: Has anyone filled the Slot of a Slot 1 cpu with it, to prevent shorts when running the cpu kinda very cold?? As in -60c or so?? Will it harm the setup? I've used it on the actual pcb, but not in the Slot. Reason for the Question: I'm trying to setup my P3 750, with 2 Frost 74 pelts, Water Cooled of course, and I ran it briefly, and the pcb got so cold that the actual slot connectors got too cold..... LMK
I think you need to ask yourself whether you actually need to run your cpu at -60. In tests I have seen running at extreme low temperatures does not necessarily get you extra speed, there comes a point of diminishing returns and the processor won't go any faster - no matter how much colder you make it.

I would suggest putting the peltiers on a variable supply and throttling them back to give you maybe -10 or so and see how high you can overclock. Then go to -15 or -20 and see how much further you can go.

If you do it in one degree steps you should be able to plot a curve, which will give you more of the picture, you should see a point where an extra 10 degree drop will only give you a few Mhz more - but a bigger headache with condensation.
I have only used it on a slocket, but almost everything I have read about it says that it will keep moisture out of where it is not supposed to be. I have to think that if it doesn't interfere with an electrical connection with a slocket, it probably won't with a slot 1. Please hope that some one else might know more before trying.
Thanks for the Input guys, Limey, I have to disagree as to the temp & diminishing returns, as I have run at Much Higher clock speeds at under -45c then I could hit at higher temps. I did go ahead and put a thin layer of Dielectric on the slot, and it seems to be fine :) Now, if I could only get a true temp reading....