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condensation prevention

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Apr 23, 2001
i am gona install a pelt on my system, i just ordered a new danger den maze2-1, and a 1.4ghz tbird.
i am gonna use a 156watter and would like to know how to prevent condensation, i saw an add for a dow corning prevention kit, comes with some dielectric grease and foam pads, has anyone used this before? also i have a motorola cd radio power supply, its 13.5volts and 10-12amps, will this work with the pelt?
i was gettin temps in the mid 40's with just water cooled.. maybe a pelt wont make me go to low?
owelll anyone with pelt experiance please reply..

maybe i can use a smaller watt pelt and not have to worry about condensation??
Your PSU is a bit light as the pelt is rated at Imax = 16.1 Amps,Vmax = 15.8 Volts. The resistance is 0.9 Ohms so at 13.5 volts you will need 15 amps. You need to find a bigger power supply.

A smaller pelt will be overpowered by your Bird. A search of this forum will turn up lots of information on condensation prevention. My favorite conformal coating is Aqua Seal with Cotal because you can mix it to dry in an hour. Permatex blue is a cheap two hour solution. Permatex and dielectric grease can be found at any auto parts store.
A little more now that I have the pics uploaded. You want to coat the inside of the socket, area around the socket, the center of the socket and the backside of the motherboard behind the socket with goop. You should also insulate these areas with neoprene. Fill the CPU pin sockets with the dielectric grease.

You should insulate and seal up the area around the pelt and cold plate. I also put goop on the bridges and exposed circuitry on the ceramic plate the CPU die is mounted on. Pull the feet off the CPU and make a blanket of 1/16" neoprene. You can see this in the second pic.

Sloppy socket pic:


Maze 2.2 with dual pelts and "CPU blanket":