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Confused on nVidia boards

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Jan 7, 2002
Dallas, TX
Haven't shopped for hardware in a while, but my girlfriend needs a new video card. I'm at a loss to understand why the FX 5200 and 5600's are cheaper than all of the GeForce 4 TI cards. What's the deal? Isn't the FX the latest and greatest GPU from nVidia? What's the comparison in peformance? Assume she wants to spend around $125, what's the best option?

It's because they stink, that's why ;) A Ti4200 beats the 5600 :p

Only difference, the FX will run all the directx9 games/features, while the GF4 cards only work with directx8.1 and back... but for now that's fine as very few games use the directx9 advancements anyway... and when I say "run", it will produce the effect but dog big time in fillrate, so it's really a pimpin mercedes with a Yugo 3 cyclinder engine :p

Get her a GF4 Ti4200.
Because the new FX series is as loud as a Hoover. Plus, the gain wasn't all that significant, and I've heard the overclocking potential isnt as high either, but I can neither confirm nor deny that. Honestly, ATI is really the way to go right about now. I'm not partial to either side. But if I had to buy a card today, I'd get an ATI.