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Connection Problem On RH 7.3

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Aug 13, 2001
Montreal & Toronto
Hi, i keep losing my connection to the net on RH 7.3 after a few hours the connection just dies im on Cable with dynamic ip i have a DNS to it and everything few hours the server refreshes the DNS so the ip is up2date, i run httpd,ssh,ftpd,and a CS server and for some reason it just wont stay online for more then 24hours. It runs perfect with np's and when i go to sleep and come back BAH! connections times out when i SSH to check on it.

when i had a Static IP it worked fine so im wondering if theres something i mist configured for dynamic ip's.

at the console type 'ps -A | more' and that'll give you a list of all the processes running on your machine. If DHCP is running you should see it in there.

DHCP is a daemon that configures dynamic ips on the fly.
This is a link to a mini-howto on DHCP:

I can't really help other than that, since I don't use it. But, I do know that you do need the DHCP client running on your box so that when the server refreshes you get the new updated ip.
i dont see the dhcp services when i type ps -A | More, but in my network config i have "automaticly obtain IP address setthing with "dhcp" " so im not sure if its still on.
For client dhcp there usually isn't a daemon, this only applies if you're the dhcp server.

I would switch back to static and see if it still happens because this sounds more like a hardware problem.

What distro and nic are you using?
Rh 7.3 and DUAL Intel 10/100BT Nic

i cant switch back to static now..and there is no DHCP client, since i do not connect directly to the server for net. i have a router ( Linksys BEFSR41 4Port ) to give internet to my server but im not sure why i lose connection, if it was the router, then i would lose net to all the computers and not just to RH

DHCP is on for the router and in the Network Config DHCP is set to automaticly obtain IP address setthing with "dhcp"

so in my book that gets the ip adress from the router? no?
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