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Considering a Full Tower over my current mid-tower....can someone help me decide?

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May 25, 2001
Considering a Full Tower over my current mid-tower....can someone help me decide?

I currently have a no-name mid-tower thats allright but i am considering a full tower for a few reasons....
1)More room(new mobo has support for 8 hard drives, and i wanna take advantage of that..current one only has room for 3)
2)Cooling(my temps are a little high in my mid-tower...possibly because its a bit cramped? my mobo barely fit in it)
Can anyone tell me why i should or shouldent get a full tower case....examples of temps dropping or overall convinience would be great.....
well.... i used to have a mid-tower, slightly modded, with a blowhole in the top and 2x80mm fans in front/back.... had support for 9 drives including floppy, so i upgraded to a full tower, and i love it... its got over 250CFM of airflow, and because of mods, has handles on the top to attach a carrying strap to.... i love it, and think its a good idea...

Heavier - not as easy to move around to lan parties
Takes up more room

More room for harddrives! And then some.
More room for water cooling setups
Wiring is easier to hide
Looks cooler
More room for extra CD-drives, DVD, CD-Writer, Baybus etc.

In other words: GO BUY THAT BIG TOWER! lol
I just got a new full-tower and I LOVE IT!!! With my old case, I used to keep the side off so I could have my CPU OC'd to 1.4, but with my new case, it stays at the same temp with the side on and fully assembled. It's also quieter too. Not to mention it's MUCH easier to work in, especially with the slide-out mobo tray my case has.
get the full tower. You will enjoy it. Antec makes good towers at great prices.
William is right. Antecs quality.......even their "value line" cases.........is top notch. Full towers in general are much better if you have a lot of gear in use.......like the others have pointed out.
I have an Antec full tower with some fan mods done, but the case I really like is my Supermicro. HUGE, bigger then the Antec with fan mounts on the side of the drive case. It is a bit pricey but it does rock.