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Considering dumping Intel and moving to AMD

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That article has inaccuracies but largely agrees with what I wrote - that MS will not support processors newer than Skylake on Win10. The article seems to be written before MS backtracked and they will Support Skylake on Win7. It doesn't offer any insight to your last post suggesting MS will drop support of old processors. It is about not supporting new processors on old OSes.
I am dyslexic. LOL. I went the wrong way with that. W10 and on will only support KL/Ryzen and forward. M$ will not support chips older than Skylake on W10.
But lucky for your there are a few threads here to help you through getting it to work .

Unless you use your PC to make $ and time is supper important (finish a hour sooner so you can render the next image ) I cant see any upgrade worth it for you on a price to performance you still have a top of the line system .

Now if its wanting a new toy to play with and you have the $ I say have fun . But I would rather play on the blue side as I game and Ryzen doesn't even beat my few year old chip in games .
Well, it looks like I'm proverbially up the creek.

Threadripper doesn't support SGX.

And I need the for my work with 4K content the 4K Pioneer Bluray players I was also planning to purchase.

So clock speeds, raw processing power and number of cores are irrelevant.

I have no intentions of buying a heater for my home (Intel I9). And I can't buy AMD so I currently have no upgrade path.

Does anyone know if SGX is Intel patented and AMD cannot implement it until it comes out of patent protection??

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WHat software do you use for encoding? Not sure Threadripper is your best bet: look at the video (benchmarks) on this thread, and check the last posts.

I would dig a bit on the media encoding to make sure Softwares make good use of the Threadripper threads (sic) first...

Not an Intel fanboy at all, but it is quite a lot of money you are going to throw inyour system, and cautious is better than sorry! ;)

Edit: found those as well.

THe INtel CPU have a higher OC margin, higher IPC, and the core count is not everything... Food for thoughts! ;)

Handbrake, BS2AVCHD, DVDFab, Abobe Encore, MakeMKV, and various others.

But temps are. Currently my I7-6900K with the Kraken X61 tops out at 100% CPU (Eg with Handbrake, or anything that uses X264/x265), for about 2.5 hours. Temps vary around 65ish Celsius. At that temp my fans are pretty noisy.

With the I9 CPUs the research I've done suggests that workload (Currently accross all 16 threads), would be way too high. Not interest in buying a toaster.

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Microsoft is not refusing to supply "patches" for AMD users. That's ridiculous. But I'm not sure what you mean when you use the term "patches." Do you mean regular monthly updates and the twice yearly platform updates for Windows 10? They would get their butts sued if they did that. I can confirm that for Windows 10 Microsoft is still supplying updates for multiple generations of AMD CPUs. I have customers that have AMD based desktops and laptops and have done multiple Windows 10 upgrades on various AMD computers lately.

As someone else has said, you may be getting confused about the newer hardware from AMD and Intel not being 100% compatible with Windows 7. That's a driver issue primarily.

I really wish I'd book marked the blog I read. As of now, I can't find it. So I can't back what I said - so I retract that statement

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To me it depends on what you would do with your existing system. You have quite a bit of money in it now and its hardly past its prime. If you could sell for a good price or you have other uses for it then maybe building a new system makes sense. If not I can't see it.

I planned to roll down my components to my Win 2012 R2 server, upgrade my test system, roll down the old server parts to my sons system, and sell the leftovers. Lol, that's how the boys get their upgrades. Stops them saying "Mum, can you buy me a new computer please" every couple of years..

Anyway.... It's all moot now. Without SGX, which is currently only available on Intel, I have nowhere to go in the X99-X399 area.