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CONSTANTLY getting GCOD... Grey circle of death while browsing the inernet..

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May 12, 2015
Im constantly getting the GCOD.. its really reall realllly irritating me.. I have been getting it for years.. Had it on my old PC as well as my new PC i built about 4-5 months ago.. I have 16GB of Physical memory and R9 290 has what 4GB of ram.. Yet when i am browsing the internet.. Every say 5 minutes or so i have to constantly close all windows because all the flash player Ads on the page or even the videos on youtube.. just grey out with a big grey !.... Im so sick of this. Do you know how frustrating it is to browse the internet or watch you tube videos and then suddenly BOOM video stops and the browser lags out and you have to cntrl alt delete and sometimes manually shut down the internet browser ???

I check my memory usage and im using only 3-4GB of memory when this happens.. So how can i possibly be out of memory ? Pagefile is automatic and its set at 16GB as well lol.. I tried google searching this and Adobe has no fix for this.. They just keep blabbering its because your PC is puny and out of memory.. Which is not the case.

Please help me.. It did this on my old PC which was a C2D E8400, using a normal disk HDD, and its doing this on my new PC the OS is installed on a SSD. It does this in internet explorer and google chrome, and fire fox.. Im on windows 7 64Bit. I have no viruses or anything on my PC... It did this on a fresh install when i got the PC.. Im like seriously at the point of wanting to break something.. Thats how frustrating this is..

Im reading it does this for MAC users as well.. like WTF has Adobe flash just gone down the hole or something ?


Nov 28, 2001
It's Flash. There is no fix other then removing the plug in (which means sites that use it will no longer work properly or at all), or live with the constant Flash crashes.


AKA: JrMiyagi
Sep 25, 2015
What version of Windows? Windows 7 has a bug with playing audio which shows itself when lots of web pages are used. You have to apply a hot fix to correct it. I don't remember the name of the MS program that does this. Go into task manager and sort by memory usage. If you see one big blob, google that and see what comes up.