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Contrast and compare Radions 4850 X2, 4870 X2 and 4890

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New Member
Nov 28, 2009

I currently have a e8200 wolf at 3.5ghz , 4g of DDR2 800 on a P35 MSI board. The current card is a 8800GT that was orig to this build 2 yrs ago. The OS is Vista 64.

Of these Radions, the 4850 X2, 4870 X2 and 4890, how do the dual gpu cards stack up against the 4890? Price wise, the 4870 X2 is up there dollar wise while the 4850 X2 is about $250 if you can find one.

Thanks for your feedback. :)


Jul 22, 2002
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The 4850X2 I would say isn't really worth considering you can get the 4870X2 instead. he 4890 is a bit better than a single 4870, so I'd say a 4870X2 would perform better. However, it comes down to how much you're willing spend. What is your budget?

Have you looked into a 5770 perhaps? It has DX11 support and it's performance, once overclocked a bit, is on par, if not a hair better than the 4890. That's where I would looking honestly.


Oct 11, 2005
4850x2 is not worth it since you can get a couple of used 4850s for about half that price.

4870x2 is a great card, still going to have problems in one or two games that do not support multi GPU though.

I am very happy with my 4890, especially since it OC's so well :) IT is the card on my main/gaming rig. I just picked up a GTX280 used obviously, and look forward to running that on my testing rig.

I will be making the plunge into the 5000 series sometime next year.


Dec 6, 2002

runs about the same as a 4870x2


4890 is 10, maybe 15% faster than a single 4870 while it is not uncommon to see crossfire scaling upwards of 60-80%+ with a 4870x2.

Thinking about it a different way, the 4870x2 is competitive with the 5870 in most benchmarks; the 4890 is not.