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Mar 12, 2002
Anyone use this program? I recently started dating this woman with no internet and no TV service, so I have started converting some of my digital library so we can watch movies together. Anyway I finally got the burner in my desktop working again so I can move off my laptop. However, on my desktop its only averaging about 20% CPU load. Given it is still converting around 4x faster than my laptop there is defintiely alot of room left in there. The source and working directories are on two separate SSDs so I know the storage is not the bottleneck. My RAM usage is sitting at around 40% and CPU at like 20-25%. I did set the option in the settings for maximum priority and 8 threads, but its still running at the same speed. Anyone have any tips on how to get this thing moving faster?
There is the possibility that that's how long it takes. Or you can play Scrabble. Or skip the Netflix part of "Netflix and chill". :D It's probably at the limit of the burner. I've found that making digital physical media of things (movies or music) faster has a detrimental effect on the quality of the end product.
Cinema Craft Encoder makes dvd's that look better than the original file with mutiple pass encodes though it is actually easier and much simpler to use a chromecast if her tv has hdmi. I make dvd's on occasion for my neighbors normally using convertx as it allows you to timeline the files in order to the disc. Convert x is simple but the quality is just so so. Handbrake works very well but is not very simple. CCE is very complicated but is hands down the best dvd maker.
How would you use a chromecast without access to wifi?
Using a web search there are innumerable videos and threads on using a chromecast without any home router whatsoever. .Basically turning your phone into a hotspot and connecting the chromecast to it. Ideally one would want the video file on the phone itself.