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Cool Modding Idea # 1

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Jan 24, 2002

Here it is:

"Fiberoptic MOBO"

Try this:
1. Get an old MOBO (other PCBs like network cards and video cards do not work so well.) - it has to be thick and multilayered.
2. Get a flashlight.
3. Hold the MOBO with one hand in front of your face. With your other hand hold the flashlight behind the MOBO. Now shake the flashlight left-and-right fast to simulate a blinking light. Cool huh?

In the places where there is a lot of copper the light is blocked. In the places where there is no copper or there is a hole light passes through. If the light was blinking (shaking the flaslight) it looks as if the MOBO components are comunicating with light. Cool huh?

Now imagine this (see picture below):
There is a light bulb(s) under the mobo lighting the mobo uniformly.
There is a roll of transparent film continuosly rotating under the mobo. On the film there are spots/lines/etc drawn with different colors. Some of the spots are black - blocking light to simulate blinking.
The result is a "Fiberoptic MOBO"

You know where this is coming from, right? Yes, I got the idea from one of those fiberoptic Christmas trees.

Anyone want to try it - I am not good at building things.

(If you want to comercialize the idea I accept checks and money orders only, hehehe ;) )

sorry for the bad drawing:


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that looks like a lot of work, but the effect would be pretty cool. you'd need enough space behind the mobo to do this and the mobo tray would have to be seriously hacked up to le the light out. but other than that it would be pretty sweet to see.


Now, if only they started making clear mobos - without the green stuff:(.......so that the green does not influence the other colors....... :cool:
great idea, very original, but there is quite a lack of space behind the mobo... the only lights i could see fitting back there would be LED's

heres a idea now

have a grid of maybe 25 leds behind your motherboard and have them setup with a simple circut that had them all flash randomly (also maybe have different colored LED's and that would work a lot better (more realistic of an idea) and probably look just as cool
Christmas lights in a case...hmm

That be mad ghetto, yo :p
actually the huge sheet thing is not needed. there are fiber optic sources with moving gels (color sheets) that are flash light size.or make your own rotating gel with tiny cell phone motor (bit chargers type) and some gels or transparancy paper. use some white leds and your golden!! since the fibers can carry the light through bent angles you can stash the little set up any where. the attached rendering shows better what im talking about. the parts are color coded as to what is what. im actually really into this idea. you can figure the rest out im sure. i used 6 very chubby fibers for diagram purpose. i set up the leds so that the lights flicker at different speeds and gives a more 60's mainframe randomness.







try the flashlight trick. you can get samples of fiber optics at retailers that sell the stuff. unfortunatly my board has like 2 of those tiny holes.

how about an array of LEDs - very bright and cool (by cool I mean cool temperature)

and if you want to simulate the changing color thing, you could make the array rotate and the LEDs and make them flash randomly - not a very easy thing to do