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Cooler AMD Athlon XP 2200+

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Nov 10, 2002
I bought an AMD Athlon XP 2200+ and I got a standard heatsink and fan with it and this made the cpu temperature go to 67C-70C.

I bought another heatsink and fan made by coolermaster, the heatsink is made out of copper. I then bought an 80x80x25mm cooler master case fan and put it at the front of my case, blowing air in, I put a small fan at the back of the case exhausting the hot air, 2 80mm fans at the side of the case and 1 system exhaust blower in a pci port.

This put the temperature down to 52C-53C idle and upto 60C full load. I am running the cpu at its default speed of 1.8Ghz.
Can anyone tell me what I can get to cool the cpu down? (heatsink/fan; what brand? case fans, alluminium case etc)

Thanks for all suggestions.

Asus A7V8X motherboard - Temperature = 31C MAX
512MB 333Mhz DDR Ram
GF4 ti4200 (default speed)
2 of the best choices imho:

thermalright ax-7 with fully controllable smart fan II or
thermalright slk-800 with a vantec tornado fan.
i personally have the ax-7 with the tornado and the combo is a force.
you will hear from the others soon enough.
Ive got two MP2200 ideling at 46-49 and at 51 - 55 under load. I'm using slk-800 and Thermaltake Smartfan II on the cpu. Two TT Smartfan II as intake on the bottom front, two as exaust (one on top, and the other on the back of the case). Finally I added three stock fans (came with the case) as intakes on the side to blow directly on the two cpus and the video card. I'm also running them at the stock 1.8ghz (for now).
I would suggest any of these three.

Alpha PAL8045
Swiftech MCX462+
Thermalright SLK-800

Use a good fan with over 50 CFM and you should be good to go.

You could get a waterblock if your motherboard has the holes near the socket... something like a gemini spiral or maze 3 sell for $40 or 50(online). Then some silicone tubing for maybe $12(online). A car heatercore for about $20(auto parts store). A Maxi-jet 250-300 gph pump for about $20(online). And some 80, 92, or 120mm fans, depending on the size of the heatercore($10-30). Total cost around $100-150 plus shipping.
pby5cat - Im not sure what type it is... what type of difference does that make anyway (heat wise).

Can anyone tell me if an SLK-800 with a Delta fan would be more or less just as good as an SLK-800 with a tornado fan?

Delta Specifications:
Maker: DELTA
Model: FFB0812EHE
Size: 80 x 80 x 38 (mm)
Bearing: Dual Ball Bearing System
Voltage: 12V
Speed: 5700 rpm
Air Flow: 80 CFM
Noise Level: 52.5 dBA

I think the only differences between the two are that the tornado air flow is better at 84.1 CFM and its noise is 55.2 dB(A)

Any help would be appreciated thanks :) and thanks to all the other people that replied :)
Yeah, im running very hot with my xp2200 too, i've just got a standard copper/alu heatsink and its overclocked at the moment, im at 1940MHz and its running close to 60 with case sides on which i feel very uncomfortable about so run without case sides and get around 53deg c. I did buy some as3 the other day and its awesome stuff, nocked off 7 deg c when i was running stock speeds!!! amazing.

The Tornado is manufactured by Delta, Same fan just different name. The Sunon 80 CFM is also the same and priced cheaper.

You might want to compromise by using the Delta 68.7 CFM fan rated at 48.2 db I think.
For what it counts Im running my Tbred 2200+ with my old Akasa silver mountain + adapter and 80mm 37cfm 3000rpm, my temps are 43c - 48c @ 1800 1.65v and 58c - 63c @ 1950 1.8v. Motherboard temps are rock steady at 24c wotever the o/c. I have 2 x 80mm front intakes, 2 x 80mm side(1 intake, 1 exhaust) and 2 x 80mm exhaust.

Even with all these fans its still a lot quieter than when i had my delta 7000rpm on the hs!