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Cooler Master ATC-201 Tips??

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New Member
May 22, 2001
I purchased an ATC-201 case, along with an Asus a7v133 board and AMD 1.2GHz..
For the heatsink and fan, I got the Alpha Pal6035 and the Sanyo Denki fan..

The ATC-201 has a total of two fans blowing air in.. One in the back sucking it out, and one on top as a blow hole.. On my power supply I have a fan on the bottom of it, bringing air up and out through the fan on the back of it.. The mobo also includes a chipset fan, which I'm assuming is blowing onto the chipset..

So, getting to my question.. Has anyone had any luck with the ATC-201 or can someone tell me, would it be better to have the heatsink fan blowing on the heatsink or away?? Or would it really matter??

From reading a majority of the posts, I'm taking this might be a test and see thing, to see what might be suitable for my case..

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated..

Thanks in advance.
Well you got yourself a mighty nice case :) My dad has one himself, that thing looks sweet! Anyway, I would assume having the fan blow on the heatsink would definately be better, unless you have an Alpha heatsink, in which having the fan suck air from the heatsink is sometimes better. If you have an Alpha, its basically trial and error to see what works best, if you don't have an alpha, your almost definately going to get better results having it blow on the heatsink, but you can still do trial and error to see if you like.