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Cooler Master ATCS 840 case painting remove rivets - help!

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Dec 25, 2007
Hey guys, I just got myself a Cooler Master ATCS 840 and would like to paint the interior full matte black myself. I notice some of the points have rivets on (like the top panel) and I need to get it off before I can remove it. My question is:

1. If I remove the rivets, can I replace it with screws later on?
2. To remove rivets, I just need to drill the center of the rivet and it will come off?
3. If I can't replace with screws and have to use back rivets, would there be chances that the replacement rivets that I use will cause the case to be shaky, i.e. the pieces are not properly riveted tight enough like the original ones?

Thanks for the help and hopefully I can get some answers that will clear my doubts so I can start modding soon.


Jan 22, 2010
What you would do is get a 1/8 drill bit and drill in the center of the rivet and remove it
Here is a video I made

You will need to get a rivet gun. Got mine for like 10 bucks at harborfrieght and I also got my rivets there as well:)
The chances are small for a "shaky rivet" due to the fact the the rivet expands to holds the 2 pieces of metal together. Once the rivet has expanded all the way it can/really tight the rivet gun will snap of the metal stem .

here is a riveting guide as well
paint guides

pics of my Fiance case



Finished product
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