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SOLVED Cooler Master ML120L V2 RGB question - Power Off preserve color?

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Jul 28, 2016
Has anyone else used this cooler? It seems to work fine. The RGB feature has a little button control in the circuit to set the color / blink rate / etc. But if I shut the system down, the cooler comes back solid red.

Ok. So what's the trick to preserving the RGB settings across a power off? LOL

I just put this bad boy in a Corsair Crystal 570 case with a brand new computer and it's all working. And I could set the color of the Cooler to match the color of the case fans, but when I powered it off, the Cooler fan came back RED rather than BLUE. The Corsair 570 case remembers its RGB, but not the cooler? LOL

If I'm going to have an RGB cooler, I really need the color to be preserved across a power off, right? :shock:

Who Knew?

Problem solved. I ran the ASUS Armory Crate app - the simpler [sic] RGB app for the ROG Crossfire MB - and set the colors to blue. Now the cooler comes up with the MB and case to match. So the cooler comes with some buttons, but those apparently don't save the settings across power off / shutdown, but the MB apparently is now saving the settings for the cooler. And of course the Case is not tied into this ASUS MB system. But that's ok. It saves its own settings.
Here's a better solution:

I finally solved this the correct way. I removed the cooler mini-controller and plugged the cooler ARGB cable directly into the ARGB header of the MB. Wheew. Would have been nice if the cooler came with some documentation on what was really going on so I would have seen that solution a long time ago. But alas the case is a couple of years old and does not provide a standard ARGB cable to remove it's little mini-controller. I'll bet the newer cases are with the program.
That is interesting...I did not think the 240 had aRGB , thought it was just RGB. One is 5v one is 12v. I'll have to look it up. I have one coming today. I also have the really nice looking see thru Mirage, for all I know it might be hooked up wrong, I never noticed...but it is green after reboots.

Did it come with those nifty little blocks that snap on the connectors? Prevents them from coming apart?

GS has a great vid of the wiring. (Now that you have it solved:D) They also have a good vid on the 1700 bracket install.

That is interesting...I did not think the 240 had aRGB
I have a white version of the ML240L V2 cooler and it has ARGB. However, I noticed that fan LEDs are not working on MSI Z590I Unify. They work on ASUS but not on MSI. CPU block/pump LEDs work without problems and everything is connected with the same RGB cable (with or without is the same effect).

Did it come with those nifty little blocks that snap on the connectors? Prevents them from coming apart?
Yes, it's actually a great idea and very cheap. I wonder why other brands don't add something like that as ARGB/RGB connector design is a total fail.

One more thing is that on AM4 based mobos, the mounting kit doesn't provide equal pressure on the whole IHS, and I just see on the TIM "stamp" that one side of the CPU has a higher pressure. I haven't seen that on Intel.