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Coolermaster VS GladiatorGoldengate

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Senior Member
Mar 11, 2001
Auburn California
Both were tested with the thermistor under CPU both were lapped Coolermaster with 1500 and the Gladiator to 600 and then a quick touch of 1500 just to take off any finger and hand oil that may have got on it. coolermaster had original fan Gladiator has the Black label Delta [38cfm] with the silicone trick to keep it a little more quiet [works great not loud now at all] both running Seti after hour or more. OH and both HSF's are ducted to draw in cooler air from outside case. also both using Radioshack compound [tried for AS-2 but they company was out when i ordered my HSF :( ]

Coolermaster [ambient 28C] CPU temp 33C
Gladiator [ambient 28C] CPU temp 30C

well a nice 3C difference. I think if I were running a hotter CPU [AMD] the temp difference would be much greater in favor of the Gladiator.

I'm happy with the Gladiator and for 19.99 a guy cant go wrong.
Yep thats what it is alright check the tips section and they have a write up on it i'm sure its exactly the same. I wonder if they call it the Golden Gate because the bottom needs lapping so bad when you get it, but anyway check out the tips section and tell what you think.