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Coolers That Use the 4 Clips On the Corner Of Zif Socket

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New Member
Apr 9, 2001
Hi, This is my first post so bear with me. I have a 650 MHz AMD Duron and my old CPU Cooling fan/heat sink combo had a freakin death grip on my CPU. Attempts to gently remove the clips holding the fan on the ZIF socket failed. The end result of force, (I know, never a good idea) however, was that I broke the clips off the ZIF socket. Frusterating. So, now I need to find a cooler ( I was trying to get a better one in the first place) that clips either directly on to the CPU or one that clips to the remaining clips on the corners of the ZIF. I would like to know what are the best at keeping cool and low noise. Thanks.
The Tai-Sol CGK742092 uses all three of the lugs of the ZIF socket on the 'fastening' side. Once properly lapped and equipped with a ~30CFM fan, it will be a good performer for your Duron..It is a rather large heatsink, so be certain that it will fit before purchase.

Another alternative would be to puchease a 'bolt-through' HSF such as the Swiftech MC462-A..an extreme air-cooled solution.

Best of Luck,

Thanks Megahurtz, I will look into those suggestions. I was told that there are coolers that fit directly onto the CPU (holding on the edges I guess). Is that what you meant by the " Bolt through " on the second alternative. If not, are there any out there that will work with my Duron? Are they better or not as stable? Just wondering. Thanks again for the tip. I look forward to learning more about TWWO. (The Wonderful World of Overclocking). Also I am sure I have overlooked it on this site but can you explain lapping to me? Or at least give me the link to study up on it myself (see I am not totally inept at find info). I have actually ordered both of your suggestions. My brother has the same mb/ cpu I do and could benefit from some high end cooling.