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New Member
Jun 4, 2001
Hi there, my first post here ;)

Well I will be building my first system going, ddr using the antec sx 1040 case. I plan to overclock some, not a lot, but not a little. My question is that if I fill the availible fan slots on the case, thats 4 80mm fans total, will that be enough cooling? The fans will be sunon, either the 36cfm or 42.5 cfm versions. There are 2 80mm outtakes by the cpu, one 80 mm intake in the front and an 80 mm fan blowing across the hdd bay, link to the specific placement here: http://www.antec-inc.com/product/cases/sohoser.htm
Will this be enough?
I've got the SX1030 and I've got 4 47CFM YS Techs and it EASILY keeps the case at room temp. Once I get my watercooling setup I'm hoping to swap out the YS Techs for 2 36CFM Sunons and the 2 Antec fans that came with the case. I've just gotten tired of the fan noise.... 4 80mm YS Techs and a 60mm Delta is not pleasant after a while...
welcome to the forum burn. That case should do just fine at keeping your temps down. Noise might become an issue after a while. My comps been dead for 5 days now (waiting on a new motherboard) and my office is DEFINITELY quieter without it running. I hadn't realized how noisy those fans could be, since I added them one by one over time I was used to "a little bit more" noise each time. Since my comps been down I've also ordered a watercooling kit so I won't need the noisy hsf and maybe I could ditch a couple more fans. Just something to think about.
I got the SX1030 model, but with a 431W EnerMax PSU.
I also have 4 of those 42.5cfm Sunon fans... If kept at 12v, it's like a jet engine... I keep them at 5v, which gives enough airflow and the noise is almost as low as them turned off.

I know a mod that will take a lot away from the fans, tho. Just cut the "grills" away that are in the case, that should remove 3-6db, I think. Effectively drops the noise level to 1/2 or 1/4 of original.
I'm doing that mod in a few weeks, I'll post the results.
i'm going to order the SX840. looks just like the 1040.. 4 fans, 2 front, 2 back. i think i'll keep the 2 stock fans in the back and 2 sunon 42db fans in front. thanks for the tip of lowering the noise level.
The only difference with the 830/840, and the 1030/1040 is the second hard-disk cage. As it stands anyways, the cage will hold three 3.5 drives (in the 830). The 1030/40 has a second one (its a soho server type setup). So unless you really need to hold more than three hard disks... go for the cheaper 830/40. And if you are even pondering water cooling... then the spot in the front for the 2x 80mm fans is a great place for a DD cooling cube (my current set-up).

So, it's exactly the same, except it doesn't have the second bay. Very good move from Antec.