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cooling a 1.2 T-bird

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Apr 12, 2001
Michigan ,USA
Boy I don,t know what the trick is but I put a 80mm on my FOP38 and the temp went up 4*. I put a 42.5cfm sunon on it+ 4 new case fans (3) 42.5cfm
intakes and (1) 42cfm slot cooler for an exhaust and a 42.5 cfm exhaust in the upper rear plus the ps fan. I took the 80mm off the cpu and put the delta back on and it dropped 3* but still running a couple of degrees warmer with the added fans,42*c right now with only the OS running and on the net. I think I'm going to strap an air conditioning unit on top and call it quits. what's the deal ?Am I doing something wrong?

A7V133 1.2 T-bird@1454
I haven't oced mine yet and its running at 110* F on idel. Its extremely annoying exspecially when i play Tribes 2 etc..
Yep lapped, polished and arctic silver right now its at 41*c and I just started prime95 going to see how it does under a load whoops just went to 42*
well I think I'm good to go ,Ive been running prime95 for 2 hours now and surfng the net and the temp only went up 2* from idle 41*c idle to 43*c load What to you guy's think? Should I try to get the temp lower or leave it alone?Was thinking about ordering the swiftech 462-a but having second thoughts about spending the money now.

A7V133 1.2 T-bird @1454 FOP38 121x12.0 256mb,ATI All in wonder pro 128,Turtle Beach Santa Cruz,