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Cooling a Celeron 600 at 900 mHz or more.

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New Member
Jun 19, 2001
I have a Celeron I have overclocked to 900 mHz for now. It is perfectly stable and realitively cool idles at about 26 C with case on. But I was wanting more cooling just in case. Right now I only have a regular heatsink for the Celerons, I don't even know what it is. I was looking into getting a Swiftech for a socket 370 mobo, I think it's MC370-0A with a delta 60, cause I found the combo realitively inexpensive. But I was also looking at High Speed PC's page, and they have a 60mm to 80mm converter that you screw onto the heatsink where the normal 60mm fan would go. And I would get a 80 mm Delta 68 CFM. I was just wondering if anyone knew if the converter cut down on air flow at all? Would this work effectively for me to try to overclock to 1gHz or more?

If you need Computer specs
Celeron 600 at 900, 258 pc 133 Ram, Rage Fury Pro VIVO 32 MB mem (not ddr), stock 250W power supply. No extra fans in case yet. Will be adding a couple soon. The case does have holes on the back all up and down it, and on either side toward the bottom for ventilation.
The converters will definitely reduce your Delta's airflow as it presents a smaller opening to it. But not much, you'll still get 50-60 cfm out of 68cfm which is better than the regular 30cfm 80mm casing fans. I gotta get me one of those... Make sure you get a good heatsink as your big momma fan is just one part of the equation. Sorry I'm not a HSF pro, so I can't really point out any good socket 370 HSFs to you...