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Cooling a CPU & Graphics Card

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New Member
Jan 29, 2010
One of my PC's is based on a Gigabyte GA-8IK1100 MOB, 2Gb Kingston RAM, P4 CPU 3,2Ghz [email protected] FSB, a Scythe Katana 2 cooler, and with a GeForce 7600GT graphics card. All of which assembled in a semi-tower based Cool Box chassis with two 8cm fan air intakes, and one same fan to extract the heat from behind, apart from the PSU. Avarage atic room temperature (in the winter that is) of 10 degrees celcius. Does anybody out there have this particular configuration? - Have you overclocked this particular PC with these exact components? - If so, what values (for CPU & graphics card (stable values))?



Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
Welcome to O/C Forums :welcome:

Based on what you described of your case:

"semi-tower based Cool Box chassis with two 8cm fan air intakes, and one same fan to extract the heat from behind, apart from the PSU."

Your 2x 80mm fans; are these both fronts or 1 side and 1 front?
1x 80mm fan in the rear plus the psu fan. Is this 80mm also?

Are you getting instabilities? Overheating? Shut downs?

To have better cooling, just do the following:

Wire management: Be sure to tuck away all the wires, cables as best you can away from the fans. ( Zip ties work best).

Eliminate any blockage from the fans. Case fan grills, dotted and slotted holes in the case where the fans are. These can be cut away with Tinsnips (Sheet metal scissors). Be careful not to cut your hands/fingers.

Clean out dust from fans and sinks (both cpu and gpu). Use an old toothbrush to clean the fan blades and a can of compressed air to blast away the dust from the case.

For overclocking your particular system, you might want to look thru these stickies .


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Jan 29, 2010
Cooling CPU & Graphics card

Thanks for your reply.

My machine works fine, always clean, and tidy (inside the case that is). Cleaning of dust & maintenance every 2 months aprox. The case is equipped with 2x80mm fans on the side, and both 80mm fans on the back (including the one belonging to the PSU).

The computer works fine even clocking it up from 3,2Ghz to 3,4Ghz, with a constant temperature (idle), at aprox 23 degrees with the recently installed Katana 2 cooler., And at full load at 37~39 degrees. For a 30 capacitor Pentium 4 HT Northwood CPU at 3,2Ghz clocked up to 3,4Ghz, it's not bad at all, and with no system crash.

My main concern is the graphics card and overclocking the AGP interface, as well as the Kingston DDR PC3200 memory modules. How much can the 7600GT and the RAM take?

Need to know overall overclock values, whilst maintaining the system stable.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Download Riva Tuner for overclocking the GPU.

As far as stability goes. One cant just list the core/memory settings for you as every card is different. You will have to find out. Also download the program called Furmark. Have it run at 800x600 with full AA/AF in backround...Just raise one thing up a bit at a time when you start to see artifacts, back it off a notch or two. Then adjust the other item up until it freezes or articfacts. Back it off a notch or two. Keep the temps around 80C or so and you will be fine.