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Cooling a Duron 750

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Apr 7, 2001
Ireland, Belfast
HI, I was just wandering about a fan and heat sink that some one gave me for my duron 750. It is made by 'cooler master' and it is model CH5-5K12. I was just wandering is this fan a good one and is it suitable for my duron. Also what is a safe range of cpu temps for my duron.

I think u should look around for a new cooler.... I know someome who had that cooler, also on a 750MHz Duron. He was able to reach [email protected], with temps around 55-60C. So actually it's a very bad cooler.
If u are gonne do some serius overclocking, I think u should get the FOP38 WBK, or something in that class.
How about case cooling? Do u have some fan's in ur case? If not, u should consider getting some, to pull and push air trough ur case.
Artic Silver2 is also a good thing to get.
Hope that helps.
If u want u can try the thermoengine with or without the delta fan.It's a very good choice and has kept my duron 700@970 w/ 1.85v at 43c load 40c idle and 23C case temp
I got that cooler with my Duron 650/kt7-raid mb combo I bought at a computer show. I could still hit 1ghz just using multiplier but was pushing 61-62oC. I got an alpha Pal6035 and barely break 45oC now. And I'm running at 1070mhz.