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Senior SMP Gawd
Jan 15, 2001
Hi all here I am looking at this new cooler given to me from a supplier I buy from.I was going to use it on my 32 foot bayliner.But it has massive storage for cold food already,so I took the side off yhis cooler and here I found a cool fan a big heatsink and a 12 volt peliter.This system claims to keep it contents 42 degrees cooler than ambient temp!!If I set this up on my case to feed cool air into the case,{which is smaller than the cooler}Wouild I be creating an airconditioned case or creating an enviroment for moisture in my case ??SOme serious opinions please,And any try to feed cool air into there case before ??
Anytime you drop the ambiant air temp below the dew point, your screwed. Unless you take some SERIOUS precautions, I would recommend that you not do that. You could have a dead puter real quick...POP, quick whiff of ozone....break out the bugle.... However, there are some people that port A/C air through their case, but frankly, unless they are coating all their boards in something, I don't see how they are getting away with it. Even if you live in the desert, there is still a dew point...and if you pass it, condensation will form. And if you coat the boards in something, it would probably hold in some of the heat anyways. I don't think i'm brave enough to do something like that...well, just yet anyways.... ;D