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Cooling assistance please

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New Member
Dec 29, 2000
I have a 700MHZ FCPGA P3 in an Asus CUSL-2 that I would like to take to at least 933. I can get it there already, but my processor temp is really high. Can anyone suggest a peltier that's easy to install? Maybe some water cooling? I'm pretty open to ideas, as long as they are easy to install and doesn't involve hacksaws and other assorted power equipment. Thanks for the help guys. I know you'll come through.

What kind of temps are you seeing? How is your case cooling? What heatsink do you currently have?

I think we had better evaluate your current cooling situation before moving to extremes (did I just say that?). It may be possable to improve the situation with little to no money if we look at the problem in further detail.
I'm currently using a GoldenOrb to cool the processor. I would like to see if I can push this beast to 1GHZ. I'm currently seeing temps of about 122F as a high, and somewhere around 105 - 110F as an average. I would like to drop the temp back to about mid 80s as a high. I don't think I'd need the most powerful of solutions, and I would like something that I can transfer to another machine when I upgrade. Thanks for the help so far.