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Cooling challenge (damn dell...)

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Jan 16, 2010
Sorry for coming here without presenting myself properly,but I think it's for a good reason (for me,at least :p),and the overall situation should present a good challenge for your experienced cooling minds.


A few months ago my gaming PC died (sigh),and after a while of having a crap pentium 3 that I wouldn't even bother to mod as it couldn't run anything that would overheat it,I was given another computer.

It's a dell dimension 4600. Pentium 4 @ 2.4,asus AH3650 agp salvaged from other computer,1.5 gb DDR ram,50gb hard drive (not sata). All in all,quite crappy anyway. Having always mounted my computers myself,I instantly hated it. The thing is,it looks like it was invented for someone that wouldn't run anything more consuming than word.

There is only ONE CASE FAN expelling air from the rear,which is connected with a funky lime green tunnel to the CPU (no,there's no CPU fan...). They also managed to **** up the case so much,that there is no possible way of fitting front fans without major reconstruction of the front side or one of those intakes that fit in a cdrom drive slot.Also,there isn't any space for more rear fans.Oh,and as you might guess,my economic situation won't allow me to just buy another computer,or extreme cooling,but I still don't want to fry the only half-decent PC I've got.

I have a solution though: vantec tornado,the 92mm version (the exact same measure as my current fan) and an antec super cyclone extractor right under the gfx card.

The fan is compatible (no stupid 5 pin dell fan,thank god),I've got enough power,everything should be fine,but there's a problem: people say the tornados are super loud,and even though I've never had a problem with loudness before and I use headphones,the tornado is more powerful than any other case fan I've ever had. Also,for some reason this dell motherboard doesn't have any rpm or temperature sensor for the fan AT ALL,so I guess it just runs 100% all the time.

Solution for that? zalman fanmate 2,as I only have one fan it'd be a waste to buy a bigger fan controller,and I don't want to waste money on cpu coolers and stuff that wouldn't work when I change computers again.


Now,after the friggin gigantic wall of text... The zalman fanmate 2 has a max allowable wattage of 6w,and the vantec tornado eats up 12.5w...but the tornado has an exclusive 12v connector to the power supply besides the normal motherboard 3pin connector,so I think that it wouldn't be a problem.

But,as I'm not an expert on this,I'd like your opinion. Having lurked around here before I have confidence in that,though I'm not an expert,you guys sure are :). The most urgent thing is the this fanmate problem,but I'd like to hear your opinion (and possible insults to dell :p) on what's been said in the wall of text too.

Thanks!,and sorry for the wall of text and the poor english,I'm spanish.

edit: oh,I think I wasn't clear enough,I haven't bought any of the cooling products mentioned here yet,I'd like to read some opinions first before buying.
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Nov 1, 2001
New Iberia, LA
First of all, :welcome: to the Overclockers Forums.:thup:

Second, I edited your thread title to make it less offensive; this is a "G" rated forum after all. :)

As for your Tornado and a fanmate; short version is don't even try it. That Tornado will cook the fanmate in very short order as it pulls double the wattage the fanmate is rated for. But you can do a 7 volt mod to the 4 pin molex connector on the Tornado if you want to quieten it down somewhat. You will need to move the black (ground) wire in the connector from it's present position to the position that the 5 volt wire (red) wire is in on the psu molex connector. So in effect you will be feeding it 7 volts of power (+12 volts on the yellow wire - the 5 volts on the red wire). Just don't try to daisy chain something else from off the Tornado's molex connector after this mod.


Apr 29, 2002
Wisconsin USA
Your only choices would to buy a fan control that could handle the tornado and has molex connectors or mod the molex on the tornado to supply 5v or possibly 7v (some PS's don't like this mod). On a molex connector from the PS the yellow is +12v the red is +5v and the two black are ground. To get the fan to run 5v just move the wire on the fans molex that connects to the PS's yellow to connect to the PS's red. To get 7v move the wire on the fan's molex that connects to the PS's black over to connect to the PS's red on the molex.


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Jan 16, 2010
Thank you for your answers guys,and sorry for the offensive words,I'm just angry about the whole situation,but yeah,it's a G rated forum and going around shouting expletives isn't a good idea hehe.

Yeah,I suspected as much...I have a soldering station here,so I might try to make my own fan controller using the tutorial I've seen around here (quite awesome tutorial by the way). Any good cheap fan controllers that can take that fan though?,noise doesn't bother me,but I don't like the idea of a 4800rpm high performance fan running 100% all the time,and the 7volt molex mod doesn't solve the flexibility issue,and I'd like to have the fan running 100% on games but being able to turn it down when working (like I said,the dell motherboard has absolutely zero temp sensors,and it doesn't adjust fan rpm depending on cpu load either)

Thanks again!,I'll be posting around the forums from now on now that I'm registered,thanks for the welcome too :D

Edit: Ok,managed to find a good fan controller,the sunbeam rheobus,and I'm buying it with the fan and the extractor right now. Thanks for your answers guys!,if it wasn't for you a poor fanmate would have died haha.
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