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Cooling Cube....

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Jan 15, 2001
I'm cheap, so right now I have only one 120mm fan on the cube. Has anyone seen any improvements by slapping a second on there (ie. one sucking the other blowing)?
I have two YS Tech 131 CFM fans. During maximum load, I get a 2 C drop with a second fan.
yep me too with a second 120mm i got 2 or 3 C down that cool but try to buy Panaflo 86CFM at 34 db only the 131cfm is loud as hell u can got it at 14$ at www.aquastealth.com
I ran a 131cfm on it for a while but I swaped it out for a 90cfm, when I started to not hear the phone ring :D

Anyway, I'm not dumping 200+ watts into the water so I dont think I need 131cfm...

Out of curiousity Colin whats the air temp comming off your cube?
I am using 2 Orion fans, 1 with a rheostat, and the other switched separately. I normally only run the 1 on the rheostat at low, but for intensive operations, both are fired up, and I can usually see a 2-3C temp drop.