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Cooling doubts...

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Aug 2, 2001
Moved to London!
So I've been a 'good' newbie, been lurking in the background a looong time, reading everything carefully..I finally took the big step and bought the following setup:

Asus CUV4X-D mobo,
2x P3 1 gig/133fsb,
1.024mb SDRAM pc133,
Adaptec 39160 U160 scsi controller,
2x seagate cheetah 15Krpm, 38gig U160 HD's
and an IBM , removable 40gb DMA1000 HD , on a bracket for backup.
Also an internal zip 250 atapi
Plextor scsi 40x CD rom and plextor scsi 12x/10x re-writer.
Matrox G450DH 32MB DDR,
and put it all in a gorgeous Lian-Li PC70 Aluminum server tower for optimum cooling and airflow...

Setup is mainly used for high-end heavy 2d graphics (photoshop, illustrator, Indesign and Quark)

But even after reading lots of posts and reviews, I a still not sure what the optimum cooler is for a P3 igig fcpga cpu. I want the best available, since the 2 cpu's are close together on the board. I don't trust myself enough to build watercooling :)) And what is the best balance between cooling and noise? To be honest, the db numbers don't mean much to me.. Currently they have the original 'in a box' coolers. Any help, tips and suggestions more than welcome!!
Given the size of the case, there is nothing hanging in front of the cpu sockets on the mobo, so there' s plenty of room, up to 5 inches in height from the cpu. also quite a bit of space to the sides

Ive had good luck with my Gladiator\Goldengate and its only about 25 bucks if your looking for #1 then your going to get allot of different advise because everyone will get different results. With a duel setup you must know that they dont overclock well so your not going to be really getting them that hot so all you really need is a good top of the line HSF and theres quite a few to choose from. Oh if you get the YS fan instead of the Delta it will be quieter but your temps will be just a hair higher but if you do the silicone trick the noise will be the same as the YS with the cooler temps. On another note if you get the Gladiator they really do need a good lapping as do allot of the good HSF's.

One thing with that much memory you must be using 2000 for your OS.