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Cooling Fan MINIMUM question

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Apr 8, 2002
Just outside of Bosotn, Massachusetts, USA
I am wondering if any one can tell me what the MINIMUM CFM is that I can get away with across an AMD 1800+XP?

I am in the process of building a system, and would like use an Alpha HS and I guess I am leaning towards a Sunon Quiet Fan.

I am new to this highspeed processor cooling, so if you suggest something, please be specific, so I can do my research.

Thank you all.

Joe B


Cyber Deal King
Mar 13, 2002
The Big Easy
The 50CFM suron will work great(40.5dbs), also you can try the YS Tech it is rated at 48.5CFM and it is only 36db's. Both will do a great job. I would not get anything under a 40CFM fan. 36 dbs is not loud at all though. Alpha cools really well with 40-50CFM fans..... Much better than any other air cooling system. Btw, both are 80mm fans. Here is a link to listen to both, and compare. http://shop.store.yahoo.com/sidewindercomputers/tecar.html


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
All depends on whether you are going to overclock or not. If you are going to run stock, you could probably get away with any AMD recommended HSF. I wouldn't go below about 36CFM.