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Cooling fans and heatsinks rated.

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Jan 4, 2002
Southern USA
If you guys could help me out here, I'd be most appreciative.

I'm looking to once-and-for-all end this question: What is the best case fan? Heatsink fan? Chipset Fan?...

Post the fans you use, and rate them with regards to the following:

1) Noise level (Opinion: Rated)
2) Air Flow (Rated)
3) Reliability
4) Cost
5) Real-world performance (In your experience)
6) Speed Controlled?
7) Speed (Rated: Actual)
8) Composition
9) Thermal Resistance (Rated)
10) Ease of Installation (Easy 1-10 Hard)

Then, if you would, tell us if you would recommend this fan to someone else. Of course, it's a good idea to tell us what fan it is first.

Here's mine (I will neglect my case fans, as they are all generic $1 fans)

CPU fan:

Thermaltake Volcano 7 80x80x25

1) Loud 27-39dB
2) 46-53CFM
3) So far, very reliable
4) $17.98 @ SVC
5) Fair -better than stock HS I had before
6) Yes...speed controlled to a certain point. Thermistor onboard -speed up at 35C
7) 2900 @25C, [email protected]: [email protected]+C, [email protected]+C
8) Copper base
9) 0.52-0.60 C/W
10) 4 (The large fan complicates installation slightly)

I can say that I bought this more for looks and price than anything else. It is a decent cooler and it has a cool shiny grille. It is BIG. Definately not for those who are limited on space (by a PSU or other complication). For me, it was more about looks and the pricetag than performance. This is a good cooler for $17.98, granted, there are better.

GPU Fan:

Thermaltake Crystal Orb 50x50x15mm (54mm dia 25mm height)

1) Louder than stock ATI, but not excessively 26.4dB
2) 12.4 CFM
3) I've used them on a few boards, and so far, they are all 100% pass
4) $9.49 @SVC
5) Very Good
6) Not speed controlled
7) 5500rpm: ~5300rpm
8) Copper Base
9) --
10) 3 (Pushpin install or adhesive)

This is a great looking, easy to use addition to most graphic cards and chipsets. It has a 54mm dia. so if you are cramped for space, it's not an easily-workable solution. There is a mod out there for dremeling away a few fins in order to lower the diameter. I tried installation on my 8KHA+ northbridge, and two capacitors were in the way. I didn't use the dremel-mod, I just sold it to a friend and now I'm looking for a passive Zalman. I can say that out of the three installations I've done with this cooler, I have never had any problems, and they always work as-spec'd or very close to, anyways. If you have a lower GPU core (closer to the AGP slot) make sure this big cooler doesn't prevent you from plugging your card back into the AGP slot. In my experience, this is an excellent cooling solution for any graphics card/chipset upgrade.

Thanks for any input for your cooling solutions. This will make a good reference for anybody who wants to know what to buy and gives us a place to point people when asked about air-cooling solutions.


Dec 13, 2001
Somewhere over the rainbow
1) Noise level Really Too loud
2) Dont Remember off the top of my head
3) pretty good
4) $25
5) cool pretty good
6) no
7) somewhere around 7200 or something
8) copper + aluminum/steel(not sure)
9) ?
10) 10 too bulky broke 1 cpu


Feb 23, 2002
Not to crap the thread but this is a very bad idea... Why would you want to go through all these troubles to collect info from someone + get human errors all over your info?????
Why not just go to manufacturers sites and pull out the exact info about their fans?
By the way it was already done... and such a tables do exist. I'm not sure whether author updating them often( or at all ).
So, the thing you are doing is already done....
The way you are planning to do it .... not the best.



Jan 4, 2002
Southern USA
I looked around, and I didn't find such a thread. I found bits and pieces of it everywhere though, and I just wanted a place here where I could point people to -and look myself. I know it's already been done, but it's a lot more convenient if it's sitting right there with the other threads, not off on some other board. If you have a link, though, I'd be most appreciative and willing to can this thread.



Jan 4, 2002
Southern USA
Yeah, that is a good database, but it doesn't tell me which fans are crap, and I have to go to each fan individually to figure out which ones are 80mm, whether they come with a grille, thermistor, rheostat, etc. It is a good site for basic rpms, CFMs, and noise, though. Thanks for the link, I bookmarked it for future reference.


Jan 4, 2002
Southern USA
I have a new reason to look for replacement fans. Tonight, while on the forums, I heard an unusal pop followed immediately by a rumbling in my case. I heard a metallic sound, and thought "That's just not natural." I inspected and my Volcano was roaring! It was so unstable that I feared it would damage my CPU so I shut down immediately to take it out. When the fins stopped spinning, I noticed the problem. One of the fins had snapped off completely!

I took out my injured heat sink and slapped one of my no-name "Made in Mexico" $1 case fans in the 80mm Volcano. It's being a sport for me, keeping my idle temps at 38C-39C.

I have a LAN Sunday...guess I'll be using that air circulator for my cooling --this is the air circulator for a small room that I used when my chipset fan went out. LOUD.

As you can see, I've had fairly poor luck with fans, so I'm very interested in new ones -good ones. Maybe I can start a fan scrap yard...


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
There are lots of cheapo fans out there, but there are recognizable reputable names, too. Check out fans from;
and though rare, Etri


Dec 21, 2001
Ontario, Canada
Alpha 8045 w/Delta 80CFM
Kinda Loud heheheh
Air Flow = 80cfm
Very Reliable
Cost of Heatsink = $0
Cost of Fan 20$
very nice performance
No speed control
Speed of fan = 6000rpm
Installation about a 6 on 10...