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Cooling idea for 9700PRO

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Sep 24, 2002
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How do you guys think this would work positoned to blow right onto the video card? It looks like it uses the PCI slot covers to secure itself, and it's probably reversable (have it blow up or down). I would mount it below the AGP slot and have it blow upwards.

Basically, I'm too lazy/clumsy to rip off my HSF and that little spacer thing around the GPU I've heard about.


Jun 14, 2002
Hampton Roads. VA
Things like this have been out for a while. They always seem to give mixed results because sometimes they disrupt the regular case flow pattern and cause hot spots else were in the system. In general, it should cool the area around the video card, but I don't think it will help you OC the card much.


Sep 28, 2002
Juneau Alaska
who knows, but for 10 dollars it can't hurt to try it huh?
at worst you have two new fans...

if your really determined, get 2 of them, one for below, blowing up onto the card, then one ontop, blowing up, sucking heat off the card, blowing it towards you 80mm fans in the back of your case.

but then again, I have no idea if it would work...
but for ten dollars, it's not like it'll be a huge loss if it doesnt.


May 29, 2002
H town or Tulsa
you dont mount those above/below the video card. they screw into the screws that hold your pci cards in so it blows crosswise on your video/pci cards (toward the mobo).


Aug 12, 2002
this may be overkill but what about the one on the bottom blowing up. but add another one on the top blowing down. now you are probably saying what an idiot, but before you do let me finish. then have a 120mm exhaust on the side pannel that takes that sandwich airflow directly out.

that sounds good. in practice.... well...



Oct 11, 2002
Don't waste money on that.
Just take an old PCI cover and drill another hole in one end. Twist one end 90 degrees from the first and connect the fan to one side and the cover to pci slot hole. Then you have a fan blowing directly on the GPU.
I took off the fan from my GPU and just put a on heatsink. I then use one of the above contraptions for cooling. I can still overclock my GF3 to 230mhz core.

Good luck.