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cooling in a fridge

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New Member
Feb 13, 2001
Someone ever heard of putting a system in a fridge to
get it cooler?

Do you think it could be dangerous or something ?

I run a PIII 700@933mhz on a cusl2-c and my average temp is 48C.
I've heard of it. But never tried it. What I'd like to do is refrigerate just the inside of my case. Of course, it would need to be insulated.
WOW..that compurater was amazing..how the hell do u come up with somethin like that..
Aranyic (Feb 14, 2001 03:35 p.m.):
WOW..that compurater was amazing..how the hell do u come up with somethin like that..
The guys over at PCRivals are my kind of guys, so who better to answer that question than me. Most likely Marijuana, Alcohol, and caffeine were the inspiration behind it.
Oh now Jeff, you know you partook in some of that smoke too...and if you didn't, I sure as hell would have. ;D Condensation would be a big factor wouldn't it? Or how about the fact that the compressor and everything in a fridge is not desiged to handle a "constant" heat load...it wouldn't last long probably. I was thinking about porting A/C air from a 5000BTU window unit through my case...but, the fear of condensation when the cooling had to be shut off, or the computer powered down and taken apart prevented me from doing that. I wonder, how the hell would you get around something like that. Seems to me it would be pretty much impossible. Cause if you coated the board in something, it would just trap the heat in anyways. Oh well, maybe there is something that I don't know about or something.
To avoid condensation problems coat the boards like marine electronics or Mil Spec. Take clear silicone sealant and thin it with acetone, paint thinner, etc. Just paint it on with a bush.
Ouch man, that could eat your boards up though couldn't it? Would it trap the heat? I don't know if i'm brave enough to try something like that....heehee
I never used acetone, that could be a problem but naptha works great. No real temp issues. The premade stuff in a spray can is way to expensive.