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cooling my 1ghz t-bird...

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Mar 14, 2001
ok guys i gotta cool this chip, i was thinking of going for a new heatsink..any suggestions? also maybe a new full atx case... suggestions? its running really hot, and i was gonna stay away from thermal grease for the time being...i would like to find out other options that dont require putting crap on the chip and how expensive/where to buy them if anyone would happen to know...thanks alot for the help.
NO THERMAL GREASE AT ALL??!!!!!! You are lucky if you have not already ruined that chip! If you put the grease on correctly you will never even see it. A thin layer is all you need! That small package that comes with the heatsink will do about 10 cpu's.....all you got to do is put it on the small chip in the very center of the cpu wafer.

NEVER run an AMD cpu without thermal compound ("grease") or a heatsink! I would be surprised if you have not harmed it some already....
stay away from thermal grease?!? are you nuts?

your lucky your chip is still working fine....thermal grease is a must have, especially for a 1ghz tbird. good application of arctic silver would probably drop your temps a good 10-15c(if your not using anything at all right now).
I'm scared.....anyone got a change of undy's??

Even on my Duron, no thermal compound makes the temp skyrocket.
I hope the brave lad can post again, with that same bird.
ok, ok...dudes, i get the idea, but tell me...all i need is a bit of thermal grease on the metal square middle part? what should i put it on with??

btw, the t-bird has little feet...to support heatsink, does this take away from the capability of the sink, and what type/where can i get a sweet heatsink/fan from in the USA??
Don't mess with the feet! They are there to stop you from crushing the core of the processor! Heatsinks attach fine, those feet keep the heatsink from sitting on the core in an imbalanced fashion and destroying it! Put some thermal grease on there NOW! You're lucky the thing is still running!