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cooling opinions.

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Aug 27, 2003
Mississauga, Ontario
My new case (sig) has 5 holes for 80mm fans.. I am wondering about the direction of air flow and direction of cpu fan..

I tried two setups with little difference..

all fans are 80mm, but i might replace the front intake with a 120mm, it will fit but will have to make the hole bigger..

this first one is the one I think I prefer, although I am not keen on having my cpu fan flow ONTO the cpu, i prefer it away.

1. front intake, 2 rear side intakes (onto the pci and agp cards), 1 rear exhaust (just under the psu) and one top exhaust (just after the psu.. this setup has the cpu fan blowing onto the cpu, since the two side fans are also blowing in.

2. this setup i think would work fine, but i need a big 120mm fan in the front for intake to bring the cfm up to over 100 to make up for the other exhaust.. all other 4 fans would be 80mm 30cfm each exhausts, and the cpu fan would blow away from the cpu..

which one sounds better? or any other opinions?


Iron Hawk

Jan 19, 2002
Groton, CT
I would go with the first, it good to have fresh air blowing on the PCI cards, and it seems most logical to me to have the exhaust on the top and at the back.

It is allmost always better to have the CPU fan blowing twords the CPU, you are welcome to try it both ways, but i suspect you will yield better results with it blowing twords the cpu.